Who also Blocked Gun Lake Casino from Being in Grand Rapids

Who also Blocked Gun Lake Casino from Being in Grand Rapids?

A couple of weeks ago, the Gun Lake Casino was allegedly blocked from opening a new location in Grand Rapids by the state’s tribal gaming commission. Now it appears that the casino has competition for that spot coming from another unlikely source - the city’s own police department.

According to local media reports, the police department is requesting that the state not approve the casino’s license due to concerns over public safety. A memo drafted by the department and obtained by MLive cites traffic congestion and an increase in crime as potential issues if the casino were to open.

The memo also alleges that local businesses have complained about being forced to compete with an Indian-owned casino. It’s worth noting, however, that those same businesses have been asking for years for a casino to be built in Grand Rapids - a move that would presumably benefit them financially.

In addition, many of the anti-casino arguments raised by the police department have been refuted by studies done in other communities where casinos have opened. For example, a study cited by the commission found that traffic congestion actually decreased after a casino opened in Sault Ste. Marie.

Despite these findings, it’s still unclear whether or not the casino will ultimately be approved to open in Grand Rapids. The final decision is expected to be made next month by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Casino Can’t be Built Near Grand Rapids After All

A proposal for a casino near Grand Rapids has been shut down by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The proposed casino would have been built just south of the city in Cannon Township, but local residents and officials voiced their concerns about its impact on the area.

The gaming board voted unanimously against the casino proposal, stating that it didn’t meet the requirements needed for approval. In particular, there were concerns about how the casino would impact traffic and the local economy.

“The board found that while the economic benefits were significant, they were not compelling enough to outweigh the negative effects on public health, safety and welfare,” said Rick Carter, chairman of the gaming board.

This is not the first time that a casino proposal has been shut down in Michigan. Earlier this year, a proposed casino near Detroit was rejected due to similar concerns about its impact on the community.

Residents Prevail in Blocking Gun Lake Casino

In a victory for the residents of Wayland and Allegan counties, the Gun Lake Tribe has been blocked from building a casino on the former Harvey Firestone estate.

The tribe had proposed to build a casino on the 173-acre property, which is just outside of Wayland. The proposal faced significant opposition from local residents, who were concerned about increased traffic, noise and other impacts on the community.

In a 2-1 decision, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the tribe does not have jurisdiction to build the casino. The court ruled that the casino would be located on land that is not part of the tribe’s reservation.

This is a major victory for local residents, who have fought against the casino proposal for years.

Gun Lake Casino Blocked by Grand Rapids Residents

In a surprise turn of events, the Gun Lake Casino has been denied approval by the Grand Rapids city commission. The casino, which is set to be built just outside of Grand Rapids, has been in the works for over two years, but it seems the locals aren’t too keen on it.

There are a few main reasons why the casino has been blocked. Firstly, many residents are worried about increased traffic and crime in the area. Secondly, many people feel that the casino will have a negative impact on the local economy, as it will draw business away from other casinos in the area. Finally, some people feel that the casino will have a negative impact on the environment, as it will require significant amounts of land to be cleared.

Despite these objections, the developers of the casino remain hopeful. They argue that the casino will create jobs and bring much-needed revenue to the city. They also point out that the casino will be located in an industrial area and that it won’t have a significant impact on traffic or the environment.

It remains to be seen whether or not the casino will be approved. In any case, it’s clear that there is strong opposition to it among local residents.

Grand Rapids Blocks Gun Lake Casino Plan

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - A proposal to build a $220 million Gun Lake Casino near Grand Rapids was blocked by the Grand Rapids City Commission this week. The casino, which would be located in Wayland Township, just north of the city, would have created 1,500 jobs.

In opposing the casino, the Grand Rapids City Commission said that it did not want to set a precedent for other casinos in the area. There are already five casinos within a 100-mile radius of Grand Rapids. “The fear is that if we allow one, then others will come,” said Sally Speed, a member of the commission.

Others voiced concerns about traffic and crime. The casino would have been built on an 80-acre site off of U.S. 131, and local officials were worried about increased traffic on the highway.

Supporters of the casino argued that it would have been an economic boon for the area, and that it would have created jobs not only at the casino but also at local businesses that would have benefited from its construction and operation. John Bursch, a lawyer for the developers of the casino, said that they were “very disappointed” by the commission’s decision.